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If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how important our homes are. After more than a year, many of us are tired of looking at the same walls, perhaps are ready to upgrade our appliances to match our newly found love for cooking, or just want to surround ourselves with brighter, mood-boosting colors. This is certainly reflected in Wayfair Professional’s Spring Renovation Trends report, which was compiled from the site’s search data. 

Whether you’re gut-renovating an entire home, upgrading a few key elements, or finally getting around to that bathroom renovation you initially planned for 2020, here are top trends revealed by the report as well as the best ways to incorporate these looks into your home.

Color Goes Bold And Bright

After seasons of neutrals, vibrant colors are having a moment. From bright blue kitchen backsplashes to bold black cabinetry and bright pink refrigerators, these are some of the most cheerful yet chic looks we’ve seen in a long time. This trend is certainly worlds away from the woodsy modern farmhouse style interiors that have dominated in recent years.

However, when it comes to color, more isn’t always more. “The key to incorporating color when designing any room is finding the right balance,” says Wayfair Professional Senior Design Manager, Rebecca Breslin. “When you do it right, color can become the new neutral base you build off of. Consider introducing a navy vanity or sage kitchen cabinets but keep the counter and backsplash light and neutral. Or conversely, go with a bold title on the floor but keep other surfaces neutral and introduce interest through fixtures, hardware, and appliance finishes.”

Breslin also shared some interesting insight about why color is making such a big comeback. “Kitchen and bath design has been overly neutral for years and builders and designers are looking for ways to add interest and differentiate their spaces for homebuyers and clients, especially in such a competitive market,” she says.

One easy way to incorporate bring in this trend is with appliances like SMEG refrigerators, which add a perfect pop of color into an otherwise neutral kitchen. With a retro 1950’s aesthetic, they’re available in a variety of colors including Red, Pastel Green, Pastel Blue, and Pink.

However, decorating around uniquely colored appliances can be a bit tricky. Breslin suggests complimenting these bold pieces with more subtle finishes like modern cabinet pulls and glam light fixtures. “They make a kitchen feel cohesive and intentional while allowing the bolder appliances to steal the show,” she says.

Matte Finishes

Matte finishes have a contemporary look and effortless vibe. While matte black cabinetry and appliances are trending, opting for colorful accents with matte finishes is a great way to bring two trends into a space. “Look for fun color pops to add to bathroom or kitchen finishes, especially in warmer tones, that are both soothing and unique in their tonality,” says Breslin. “Layer in a matte brass light fixture, a matte blue vanity, and a warm porcelain tile to bring this trend to life.”

Smart Touches

The pandemic has made us all more aware of the surfaces we touch outside as well as inside our homes. So, an increased interest in smart and touchless technology isn’t exactly surprising. However, some people may hesitate to click “add to cart” because of the cost, but many smart products are affordably priced. Touchless kitchen faucets are a great example of this. “When you’re in the middle of cooking or you’re just coming in from running errands and you don’t want to dirty a handle, tap the faucet with your wrist or forearm for water,” says Breslin.

Those with more generous budgets may want to consider purchasing smart refrigerators with family hubs, which can help manage a shared calendar, compile shopping lists, and display photos, among other features. 

Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns brings in a look that feels especially fresh during the spring and summer months. So how do you mix things up in a way that looks design-forward yet composed? The key is to keep it simple because pattern mixing isn’t about layering in as much as you can into one space. Rather, says Breslin, “It’s about embracing complementary colors, leading with one bold pattern, and layering in more subtle patterns and natural textures like wood grain, stone, and more.” 

She recommends finding a lead patterned tile or wallpaper and then supporting it with finer patterns on the floor, textured light fixtures, and other wood grain finishes.

The Warm Industrial Look

While the stark modern look has fallen out of fashion, elements of industrial design have remained popular including open shelving and metal accents. To prevent this look from becoming too cold, it’s best to use warm woods and mix in earth tones. “We are particularly loving the bronze and cement pendants and the warm wood vanities from this trend evolution,” says Breslin.

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